Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of coffee and writing...

There is nothing half so marvelous as sitting in a small corner of a small coffee shop with a small notepad, a small pen, and a rather large cup of joe. Say what you like, it really doesn't get better than that. Add an unlimited imagination, an inquisitive mind, a compulsory writing habit, and you have the mix for a novel. A masterpiece or a piece of trash, it doesn't matter much. Those are the makings of the novel. You can shove tea up your fanny- coffee is the thing.
If you sit there a while, you would be surprised (though you shouldn't) at all the possible candidates for main characters, antagonists, sidekicks, minors, and etc. that come walking through the door. Just park yourself in a small corner for a time, and sooner or later (preferably sooner, as later makes coffee cold) the most interesting characters come strolling in, characters that you might never have thought up all alone.
i.e: I was waiting in a Starbucks for the perfect individual to come along, and along she came.
I must confess I jumped a little; she cut quite the imposing figure, throwing open the door and strutting in like she owned the place. As a matter a fact, she did, but I wasn't to know till some time later. Back to her entrance: she was wearing a loose, airy dress so red it made her look like a cardinal. Perched on her head was a small, red hat, and in her hand she held a fat mug. She wore sandals like the kind you would wear to a dinner party, and on her arm was a white purse. The workers either buttered up to her like saps or they truly liked her, for they were all smiles, laughs, and refills for her mug that I must confess; I was rather envious of. It was a nice mug.
She sat down a table away from me, perfect for my spying eyes, and while she read the newspaper I wrote down every detail, after which I promptly named her Savannah. She will definitely make a good supporting character.
As I said, coffee shops are perfect for this. You meet, and observe, all kinds of people, with whom you have only one thing in common: coffee.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I will be back to visit yours as well. I love coffee, reading AND writing stories (although I mostly do short stories...have yet to FINISH a novel LOL)...some of my favorites! :-)