Friday, April 3, 2009

Of coffee and Chubbs...

Every morning, I have my daily "fix" of that wondrous thing, that beloved eighth wonder of the world: coffee.

Every morning, I watch a certain mischievous squirrel, by name of Chubbs, come poking around my window looking for apples. I spoil him, I really do. He stays around for about 20 minutes or so, we chat, consuming our refreshments; he with apples, I with coffee. Until Chubbs came along, I had no idea squirrels were so greedy for fruit. I ignorantly thought they fed on nuts all day long, assuming squirrels have no longing for a change of diet. Chubbs does eat nuts, but he's a horder. I've tried to spy on him, but as soon as he realizes that I've seen where he has bestowed his lastest find, he scampers back, digs it up, and with a slight sniff of reproach, dashes off to hide out of the sight of my prying eyes. I've learned quickly when he wants to be friendly. Apples. Who knew?


  1. Awww, how sweet! I sometimes feed the squirrels out in my back yard...but with bird seed that is scattered on my picnic table. ;-)

  2. These are both great stories. You have a wonderful knack with words! The squirrels are so active and fun to watch!

  3. We have a squirrel that we named Skippy because he will take peanuts right out of our hand now! He's so cute!!
    He'll come running from across the yard when he sees us out on the deck! LOL.
    Blessings to you.