Friday, September 4, 2009

Of Coffee and Classics...

Ah, coffee. I made a particularly enjoyable cup of joe today, and I was reading a particularly enjoyable book, which is a perfectly enjoyable equation. Classics are some of the best books to read with coffee, unlike most 'coffee table' books. In a caffe, or a Starbucks, there seems to be a mutual understanding between those not-quite-sophisticated readers of the classics, holding a latte, or regular black. One could say that a cup of coffee is a classic, in edible, liquid form; or that a classic is a coffee in a readable, solid form. They are related, which makes them both necessities of experiencing life.
Of course, not all classics are readible, just as all coffee is not consumable. Some coffee is so atrociously made, it ought never to have BEEN made, and so it is for many 'classics' that should not have been written. (I won't mention titles, I'm sure you can insert your own.) But when you have the perfect cup of coffee, the perfect classic, the comfiest chair, and the rain is coming down just enough, thoughts soar beyond limitations.