Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Shelter of God's Promises- An Honest Review

Summary: In the Shelter of God's Promises is intended as a woman's devotional through the promises of God's Word.

Writing Style and Product: Sheila feels like an old friend in her style of writing. Included is a study guide, and if you go by it weekly, it feels like your meeting with her over coffee. I always enjoy a study guide in a devotional.

Thoughts and Reading Experience: This work is an encouraging look into the promises of God that occur throughout the Bible. All in all, it was a good refresher course for me. God's promises are something we need to keep in our hearts, and I was reminded of that.
However, an issue I had was the length and depth of the book. I felt so much more could have been expounded upon that the author left untouched, and after I completed the book, it seemed a bit like fluff in the fact that she did a lot of skimming.
Still, it's recommended, because it may inspire to study more in-depth into the promises through Scripture.