Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Band That Played On by Steve Turner- An Honest Review

Summary: 'The Band That Played On' by Steve Turner is a biography of the eight band members that went down with the Titanic, casting aside all myths and mysteries, revealing the lives of each man.

Writing Style and Product: It is a rare author who can truly make a biography interesting. Thankfully, it seems like Mr. Turner is a one of those gifted few. This book truly was a story, not simply a biography. The physical shape of the book is good quality (this review of the hardcover edition), with a nice cover and comfortable shape.

Thoughts and Reading Experience: The story of the men who went down with the Titanic was a little different than I was expecting. Aside from their famous last moments, I didn't know very much about them at all. The author gives each of their stories separately, and brings them together at the close of the book. This is a work worth reading, and would make a great source for high school students working on history projects or book reports. It is also a good general educational book to have on hand in your home. I highly recommend it.